Infant Warmer

by Axion

Unit of Newborn Warming up with Phototherapy Function

Feature :

  • Unit UON-03 is designed to carry out phototherapy sessions for curing the neonatal hyperbilirubinemia and / or warm up a new born in intensive therapy rooms of maternity and children's hospitals
  • This unit may be used for the following: - Curing the neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, - Warming up session only
  • - Phototherapy session simultaneously with warming up session
  • The heat radiation source is an infrared ceramic heater
  • The light sources for the hyperbilirubinemia treatment are blue light-emitting diodes with the light wavelength of 465 nm
  • The unit alarm system generates alarm signals in following cases: - Unauthorized cutoff of the mains voltage of 220V 50Hz, - Faults in the skin temperature sensor circuit, - Patient's skin temperature is over 38.5°C, - Patient's skin temperature deviation is more than ±1°C.
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