Patient Monitor

by Saadat

Patient Care Monitor

Features :

  • New Generation of SAADAT patient monitors, offer a variety of advanced modules like Masimorainbow SET, Cardiac Output and 12-Lead ECG and support for a second display that can be controlled independently for clear view of the signals and parameters from distance
  • Alborz B9 ( 18.5 inch touch screen) provides a clear view of the signals and parameters.
  • This capability provides continuous monitoring solution without detaching the sensors from the patient.
  • Portable Patient Monitor is adaptable to adult and neonatal usage in medical care
    areas. It can monitor vital signals as ECG, Respiratory Rate (AWRR,RR), SPO2, NIBP, Dual IBP, CO2,
    O2, N2O, AA, Dual-TEMP and Cerebral State Index. It integrates parameter measuring modules, display
    and recorder in one device, featuring in compactness, lightweight and portability.
    Large high-resolution display provides clear view of waveforms.
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