Patient Monitor

by Saadat

Handy Patient Monitor

Feature :

  • ARIA, the new innovation of Saadat,is a cost-effective and lightweight ( 4.3") display weighing < 800gr
  • Detachable patient monitor that integrates some of the most advenced noninvasive patient monitoring capabilities available today for use as both a bedside and transport vital signs monitor throughout the entire care path
  • The compact Aria monitor easily slides intovarious docking stations, and offering network connectivity, VGA output, a recorder, and anextra battery, it plays the role of a full-size multi-parameter module-making it ideal for acute and general care floors, clinics, and home health care settings
  • Also offered as an OEM solution, Aria can be used in defibrillators, ventilators, and anesthesia machines providing compete vital signs and core patient monitoring parameters in a variety of clinical settings.
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