Fetal Monitor

by Medgyn

fetal acoustic stimulation test a test used to assess fetal health in compromised pregnancies; a vibroacoustic stimulus such as an electronic artificial larynx is applied either externally or directly to the fetus and resultant fetal movements, cardioacceleration, and alterations in respiration are compared to those of normal fetuses. fetal alcohol syndrome a group of symptoms characterized by mental and physical abnormalities of the infant and linked to the maternal intake of alcohol during pregnancy. Clinical manifestations, which can be present in varying degrees, include prenatal and postnatal growth deficiency, mental retardation, irritability in infancy, hyperactivity in childhood, microcephaly, short palpebral fissures, smooth philtrum, thin vermilion border of upper lip, small distal phalanges, and ventricular septal defects. Although the exact amount of alcohol consumption that will produce fetal damage is unknown, the risk and extent of abnormalities are most likely to be increased when the daily intake of pure alcohol exceeds 2 ounces. The periods of gestation during which the alcohol is most likely to result in fetal damage are three to four and a half months after conception and during the last trimester. Abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy is recommended.

Feature :

  • Outstanding performance: 12 inch color screen, excellent algorithm, 8 crystal and 1MHz water-proof transducer for accurate detection
  • Simple Operation: Foldable screen, probe rack and wall mounting rack, handle for aesy carrying, user friendly GUI with 2 display modes and 4 color scheme
  • Powerful function: 24 hours CTG storage, fast print for stored traces, signal overlap verification alerts when two FHR probes process the heart rate signal form the same source
  • Fetal and Maternal ParametersL FHR, Toco, AFM, MFM
  • Built in thermal array printer supports printing of FHR, TOCO, Maternal heart rate and Maternal SpO2 waveforms
  • Insight software and powerful function store up to hours of data that physician can transport to a PC and save files as a pdf, as a method of electronic record keeping
  • Insight software: As a data management software, insight software provides a solution for real-time data transmission to PC