Automatic Sterilization System

by Dental X

Dental X , a wide of autoclaves.

Features :

  • Equipped with a thermo-dynamic system controlled by the microprocessor according with the process evaluation control system.
  • The preheating sterilization cycles result faster.
  • advanced microprocessor all DX models keep under crossed, control both parameters: pressure and temperature and offers a high quality saturated steam.this advanced technology made the units result more performing, reliable and safe. The excellent thermal profile enables to sterilize all kind of instruments without damages.
  • equipped with reservoirs and require demineralized water.
  • Full Automatic.
  • The cycle is continuosly monitored by the microprocessor. All models are equipped with an autodiagnosis system, troubleshooting and a cycles counter. At the end of the cycle the unit switches off after 30 min enabling to run the night cycle safely.
  • Traceability, All models can be connected to a printer. An external socket allows as well the connection to the USB Log device in order to perform a more advance traceability in accordance with the new standards.
  • The drying is granted by a controlled chamber heating.