Electro Surgial Unit

by Kavandish

Meg 2 is a general purpose electro surgical unit advanced by modes specifically designed for special vessel sealing instruments. Arterial seals created by Meg2 can with stand pressure up to 300 mmHg (consideraby higher than maximum value of normal arteria systolic pressure).


  • All in one: conventional electrosurgical and vessel sealing system
  • Capable of permanent sealing of veins, arteries, lymphatics and tissue bundles
  • Suitable for bipolar vessel sealing procedures, in both open laparoscopic surgical operations
  • Ability of reliable large vessel sealing, up to 7 mm
  • Compatible with different types of monopolar, biopolar, and vessel sealing accessories
  • Pulsed output in vessel sealing system to reduce thermal spread tissue sticking
  • Automatic power of in vessel sealing system to stop the current when the seal cycle is completed
  • Two vessel sealing modes allowing different types surgical processes
  • High-burst-strength, feedback, controlled vessel sealing system
  • Utilizing a microprocessor system to control the current in the vessel sealing, based on measuring the impedance of the tissue
  • Intelligent power control
  • Recommended for open heart and thoracic surgery
  • Bipolar Auto-star and Auto-stop mode for optimum tissue coagulation (preventing tissue carbonization)
  • Automatic self checking (spotting the system's internal problems)
  • 10 programmable memory locations (saving surgeons' setting for the circumstances of interest).