by Trimed

Supporting instruments used for childbirth


  • Braun-Stadler Episiotomy Scissors 14.5cm, Sims Vaginal Specula 65.0x25.0mm, 70.0x30.0mm, Sims Vaginal Specula 70.0x30.0mm, 70.0x35.0mm, Sims Vaginal Specula 85.0x35.0mm, 90.0x40.0mm, Grave Vaginal Specula 75.0x20.0mm, Grave Vaginal Specula 95.0x35.0mm, Grave Vaginal Specula 115.0x35.0mm, Bozemann Polypus And Dressing Forceps 26.0cm, Foerster Polypus And Dressing Forceps Str Serr 25.0cm, Mod. USA Umbilical Scissors 12.0cm, Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 16.0cm, Crile-Rankin Artery Forceps Serr Str 16.0cm, Hartmann Artery Forceps Str 10.0cm, Standard Dressing Forcep 14.5cm, Tissue Forcep l:2Th 14.5cm, Operating Scissors Sh/Bh Str 14.5cm, Lister Bandage Scissors 18.0cm, PROBES 14.5 CM