by Trimed

Instruments that used in vena surgery

Features :

  • Scalpel Handle,Splinter Forcep ,Tissue Forcep,Metzenbaum-Baby Dissecting Scissors Cur 11.5cm,Operating Scissors Sh/Sh Str 16.5cm,Deschamps Ligature Needle Blunt Curved to left for the right hand ,Deschamps Ligature Needle Blunt Curved to right for the left hand ,Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder,Gillies Hooklet 18.0cm Fig 1,Gillies Hooklet 18.0cm Fig 2,Halsted-Mosquito Artery Forceps Serr Str,Gross-Maier Polypus And Dressing Forceps,Delicate Pattern Towel Forceps Backhaus,Finsen Retractor 5.0cm 3.0x3.0 Teeth Sharp,Desmarres Retractor 13.0cm 18.0mm,Atrauma Bulldog Clamp for Vein Full Cur