Operating Lamp

by Braun
A range of single bulb lights available in single, dual and triple cupola models. Features a specially designed arm and cupola makes the light easy to manoeuvre and stable. A high tech polygon reflector and A-Class heat isolation glasses eliminate the red ray (hot rays) and reflected the natural low temp light. A true colour temperature 4300K. Dual control system operated by an infrared remote control or by a control panel on the cupola. The unit has adjustable illumination 0-100% and has a special design comprising of one main bulb and 1 spare bulb in the cupola with an auto switch system to avoid damage to the bulb during use. A unique memory function remembers the previous stage of illumination. The unit has a detachable handle that can be sterilised by a steam steriliser

• Ceiling mounted : single
• Lamp diameter : 62 cm
• Reflector : confirm the smooth beam without dazzling
• Central Illumination : 110K Lux at 4300 °K or 140K Lux at 3800 °K
• Colour Temp : 4300 °K (standard) or 3800 °K (optional)
• Ra : 94 % (CRI)
• Depth of Illumination : 70 cm
• Bulb Specs : 150 W / 24 V
• Action Radius : 170 cm
• Elevation : 105 cm
• Power : 100 - 240 V AC