Operating Table

by Farafan

Electromechanical Operating Table

Features :

  • A genuine universal table which is flexible, sturdy, mobile and extremely easy to adjust
  • Electromechanical drives, thus no oil leakage
  • High quality electromechanical drives with very low maintenance requirements
  • Extremely low noise and high reliability
  • Fully stainless steel construction including table top frames, accessories rail, base cover and column telescopic covers
  • Table top is devided into 5 section providing numerous articulation possibilities
  • Detachable head and detachable split leg sections provide further versatility
  • Integrated weight compensation by gas spring facilitates manual adjustment of the head and leg sections
  • Table top is x-ray translucent with slots for x-ray film cassette insertion, making radiography possible over the entire length of the table
  • Special antistatic and antibacterial material is used for pad covers
  • Pads are easily removable and totally sealed to facilitate cleaning
  • Optimally designed base provides ample toe space for the user, along with extreme stability
  • Four easy-glide, antistatic castors, two of which are swivelling, ensure mobility
  • Pedal operated central breaking system secures the table in its place while in use
  • Designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards
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