Suction Pump

by Dixion

The model Vacus 7305 is a trolley-style high vacuum and high flow medical suction unit. Vacus 7305, which absorbs the rapidly from the body-cavities or wounds, is widely used in inpatient departments, operation rooms in particular.

Features :

  • An oil-less vacuum source requires no maintenance
  • Capacious storage bottles made of high quality glass and equipped with a joint ring are easy to access, use and clean
  • The overflow protection device prevents the liquid from entering the pump
  • The hoses, made of non-toxic glass like polymer, are easy to use and clean
  • The air filter reduces contamination to the environment
  • The device is controlled by the regulator and the footswitch
  • Low noise
  • Safe and reliable
  • Long-term use
  • Storage surface on the top of the suction unit
  • Storage for pedal
  • New design for comfortable use during long operations
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