Patient Warming System

by Medwarm

Medwarm 150T is used in newborn baby,protecting body temperature as their bodies and internal organs are not yet fully developed and avoid hypothermia after birth


     Our  neonatal products include;  swaddling blankets, and  neonatal mattresses.  All our systems operate on low voltage requirements (12 Volts  DC – 24 Volts  AC) which  is cost  efficient and technically safe for neonatal patients  and operators. Our mattresses and blankets can reach the desired temperature within 5-7 minutes. Swaddling blankets provide a comfortable and  safe  warming environment for the baby through a sensitive sensor system  wrapping the baby’s whole body .Swaddling blanket models can be used during external hospital transfers together with incubators as well as radiant warmers and open neonatal beds to provide better  warming especially during cold weathers. Blankets can be used for swaddling or open under the neonatal patients as required. Our neonatal transport models can also be  used during internal hospital transfers and in ambulances. They provide great comfort and convenience while the babies are transported from the delivery room  to the maternity ward. During  cold  weathers, our  swaddling blankets provide a warmer and healthier atmosphere when used in combination with transport incubators as it may take a while for the transport incubator to reach the target temperature and  maintain that temperature level for longer periods of  time. They are  also suitable for usage during incubator disinfections when the baby  is taken out  of the incubators for cleaning and disinfection purposes.

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