Rapid Transfuser

by Belmont

The Belmont® Rapid Infuser combines advanced microprocessor technology with an efficient mechanical system to give patients the vital warm fluids they need when they need them.

Feature :

  • Unique Instant Heater
  • Fluid, Blood or Blood products warmed to normothermia in a single pass
  • No overheating or "hot spots"
  • Patented induction heater warms without water baths or microwaves
  • High Speed peristaltic fluid pump
  • Complete flow control from 2.5 - 1.000 ml/min at the touch of a button
  • Eliminates dangerous, uncontrollable bag compressors
  • Monitors total infused volume for accurate I/O charting
  • Optimal 3 liters resrvoir eliminates frequent bag changing.