Electro Surgial Unit

by Kavandish

cutting and coagulation of cellular tissue via high-frequency current through the body contact load and resistance by using the heat generated. As the high-frequency current through the body, heat will be occurred by heat and arc discharge in active electrode and return-pad fitted wide area in the body. So, the heat makes heating the cellular tissue and it is possible to cut and coagulate as operation. Return-pad and the active electrode are mono-polar in combination. In another function, the end of electrode as shape of forceps is a pair of electrode. The high frequency current works among the electrode in the forceps. It called a bipolar

Features :

  • Intelligent power control
  • Recommended for open heart and thoracic surgery
  • Special program for TUR & Micro surgery
  • Auto-stop mode for optimum tissue coag. (preventing tissue carbonization)
  • Patient contact quality monitoring (preventing burns at the contact)
  • Automatic self checking (spotting the system's internal problems)
  • Permanent HF leakage current control
  • 10 programmable memory locations (saving surgeons' setting for the circumstances of interest)
  • And recommended for all variety of operations