Infant Warmer

by Tosan

An infant Radiant Warmer is a device used to supply supplementary heat the newborn neonate (a baby) after birth.


  • Neonatal Resuscitator bed is an apparatus consist of a table, thermo radiation and control system, different alarm, suction and oxygen control system
  • This apparatus used to apply for changing blood but today because of intensive phototherapy changing blood is no longer needed
  • Therefore this apparatus is used for neonatal resuscitate beside delivery bed and infant operation
  • The table of apparatus includes glassy walls for preventing of infant falling and is adjustable according to nurse or physician height
  • This is designed in a way that suction and oxygen is available for physician during the operation or neonatal resuscitator
  • Infant temperature is controlled by skin sensor connect to infant body
  • Neonatal resuscitator bed has alarms about skin sensor interruption, over temperature, temperature deviation and electricity interruption
  • This apparatus has lighting system in order to infant examination
  • Neonatal Resuscitator bed because of having radiology cassette drawer, X-ray photography is possible.
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