Phototherapy Lamp

by Tosan

An Infant Phototherapy is the most common treatment for reducing high bilirubin levels that cause jaundice in a newborn

Features :

  • 4 lamps Phototherapy has been designed in order to use over the infant incubator or the cot for infant jaundice treatment
  • This apparatus includes 4 fluorescent lamps with effective wavelength in treatment of infant jaundice and also is suitable for the jaundice treatment with the bilirubin less than 18 mg per liter
  • It also has telescopic stand in order to adjust the light source distance up to 20 cm of the infant, so the treatment would have been increased
  • 4 lamps phototherapy have the ability of adjusting the angle of lamp container and if it is necessary the light radiation would have been horizontally
  • The other characteristic of this apparatus is having 4 wheels in order to easily transportation.
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